About Us

Our Mortgage Brokers are experts in employment policies!

Woman happy with our serviceIf your application for a mortgage has been declined because of your employment situation, or you are worried about your ability to qualify for a loan, speak to us!

We are the experts in difficult employment types. We understand that the workplace of today is very different to that of a few years ago. People are working jobs and hours to suit their lifestyle and their needs. Although many banks fail to recognise this, there are lenders that do. We are experts in the criteria of many different lenders and will know who is willing to assess your mortgage application!

Take the hassle out of applying!

Applying for a mortgage can be a very stressful process on your own! We have extensive experience in securing loans for a range of people in a range of professions and employment situations. If you are self-employed, on probation, work on a contractual basis or have just taken maternity leave you may encounter difficulty getting approval with some lenders. Others that get approved can be on high interest rates with large fees.

If you want the best home loan package around then contact us today on 1300 889 743 and we will help you get approved!

Our Services Are Free!

Rather than going directly to one bank, we shop around for you to get you the best deal, at no cost! We will help you apply for home and investment loans and charge you no fees. The only exceptions relate to specific loans of small amounts or periods. However most large home loans are FREE!

Nationwide and International Services

No matter where you are, we can help! Stop by for a chat or phone, email or fax – whichever suits you best. We deal with a variety of customers from all over Australia. Some of our customers work in mining towns, regional and coastal areas, inner city and rural areas and even overseas! With our expert communication skills and organisation you can be sure that reaching us will never be a problem.

Mortgages from a variety of lenders

We know over 40 major and non-conforming lenders. With so much choice we can get you the best deal around. We are 100% independent! Having no affiliation to any financial institution means we can ensure that you receive a competitive loan package with great rates and low fees!

Members of the MFAA & COSL

As members of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) we are required to meet certain education and training standards. Using our specialist mortgage brokers to guide you through the loan application process means peace of mind that we have both the expertise and knowledge to secure you the best deal around!

Enquire online today or call us on 1300 889 743 and get in touch with a specialist and friendly team that can help you finance the home of your dreams!